Why Choose Us


Why Choose Us?

1. The company has a complete set of R&D equipment for thermistors & temperature sensors and experienced technical personne. It has strong R&D strength and helps to solve various problems efficiently in product design and upgrades with customers.
2. The company has a complete quality inspection system and equipped with sufficient quality inspectors to do products quality inspections, whenever in the stage of incoming quality control, in-line inspections and full checking before delivery , which ensure the quality of the products.
3. New production equipments, advanced production technology and skilled workers, ensure that the products can be delivered on time.
4. Energetic work team, customer-oriented service concept, whenever it is in pre-sales, in-sales or after-sales stages, will provide excellent services to customers.
5. A stable supplier management system provides the company with high-quality and fast-delivered products to ensure the efficient operation of production.
6. The company provides customers with stable quality and market-competitive products to help customers improve their market competitiveness and market share.

Our Team

There are Sales Department, Manufacturing Department, Personnel Administration Department, and Finance Fepartment; The Sales Department has a sales team and a documentary team; The Manufacturing Department consists of Purchasing Department, QC Department, Warehouse Department, Technology Department, Engineering Department, and Production Department; Personnel Administration Department is responsible for administration, personnel and logistics.

Production Ability

The company's products are diversified and have a wide range of applications. Involving barbecue probes, barbecue grill accessories, consumer electronics, lighting, power supplies, refrigeration kitchen appliances, household appliances, cold chain logistics, new energy vehicles, industrial control motors, medical ventilators, heat meters and other industries. The monthly production capacity is more than 4 million pieces and the annual production capacity exceeds 50 million pieces.

Quality Control

Based on the IS09001 quality management system, XinYongSheng company introduces lean production management. Through the management of suppliers, the incoming material inspection, input process quality control and outgoing inspection, to ensure the stability of product in each stage. Adopt the PDCA cycle quality management method, set up the quality policy and target, check the results after implementation, and then incorporate successful practices into the standard, and leave the unsuccessful to the next cycle to resolve. Do reciprocating cycles, solve problems gradually in quality control method , and finally makes the quality of the products reach the best.

R & D equipment

R&D Equipments

R&D Equipments

Swing Tester

Swing Tester

Production Ability


Quality control strength


Constant Temperature and Humidity Chamber


Constant Temperature Water Baths


Thermal Shock Test Machine


Salt Spraying Tester

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Offer a quotation

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Sign a contract

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